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When the mainstream wants to appear non-mainstream

March 29, 2011


What would you consider yourself to be, either the mainstream or non-mainstream? Over the years me and my dear friend would talk about what we like and dislike, and at the end of conversation we would conclude that: “Hey, I think we both are quite non-mainstream…don’t you think?” I won’t deny that I was fairly pleased by my self-conclusion. I thought that that made me special and set me apart from numorous others. Guess what, I think I am wrong. Like, dead wrong.

The fact that I want to do and achieve things that are not of majority’s interest doesn’t make me special, or in this case non-mainstream. Everybody wants to be unique in their own way, and because of that some people make their own self-defence to protect themselves from the main wave in hopes that it will make them offbeat.

Last night I happened to watch a TV talk show. And one of casts, a main singer of the band Jaurim, was explaining the three things that make her non-mainstream. She said “Well, I usually like things that most people don’t” and so on and on. And a while later, this another cast, who is a rap-singer, went on to say, “It sounds like you’re the mainstream who wants to appear non-mainstream” There he comes! It cut through my mind. He was right. I don’t know about her past, but in the present time she’s a successful singer and thus makes fair amount of fortune. Other than her music genre, there’s no single thing that categorizes her as the non-mainstream.

Looking back on my path, I’ve followed along the way that is in fact nothing unusual. I did most of things that anyone my age would do. Of course, I am not everybody. I have my own beliefs and hopes. However, we all are different, and that is just too obvious. I think I’ve reached the point where I could’ve been pretentious and insincere. And I thank god I saw myself in her last night and got to write this here.

Here I say: It’s me, stupid!